Tera Townsend is a singer, songwriter, & musician from small town Huntingdon, Tennessee. Tera moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of music. Tera is nothing without her fans and followers so thank you for being one of her supporters and Tera-fiers! 

            Her story is pretty wild but she is who she is now because of her story. She started singing at the age of 2 in pageants singing “Barney & Friends.” Singing became her outlet from this world and continued to grow as a singer since then. She grew up with a speaking disability and ADHD. She was mocked and bullied growing up due to her disability. Hearing things like “you will never make it” and “you can’t sing” is what gave her the drive to pursue music. She had her first public stage appearance when she was only 8 years old at The Dixie Carter Performing Arts Centerin her hometown of Huntingdon, Tennessee. After being in the public eye about her passion for music the bullying got worse. She only had more ambition to sing and finally made her way to Nashville when she was 12 to have her first show at the famous Nashville Palace. When singing in Nashville it felt like something out of the world at that time because she had always dreamed of singing on a Nashville stage. On weekends she would travel to Nashville to sing but during the weekdays she was just a normal girl going to school and singing at church every Wednesday night. As she got older she still dealt with the bullying at school. When she was 16 it got so bad that she even got bullied out of church. Church had always been a big part of her life and so being bullied out of her own church really hurt because she knows the Lord is the one who gave her the ability to sing. She found a new church home and made new friends. Particularly this one girl who became her best friend. They were so much alike it made it so easy to finally have a friend after not having any before. A few months later her friend committed suicide. It really affected her and Tera went into a depression. The bullying drew much worse in the time. She knew that music was her only outlet. She finally transferred schools to get away from the bullying. Her senior year became easy as she finally had friends. After she graduated high school she went to Bethel University for 2 years then transferred to SAE Institute of Nashville and finally moved to the city of her dreams, Nashville. Two years later, in 2018, she graduated with her associate degree in audio engineering and with a 4.0 GPA. In 2019 she started working harder than ever on her pursue to get her music heard. In January she  released her first song to digital streaming platforms called “The Devil Gets in the Way.”In September of 2019 she got signed with MC1/ Sony the Orchard, a subsidiary to Sony. She has released 2 songs with them so far “Love Song”and “Only Want You.” Which brings us to current. She is now getting ready to release my next single with MC1 “Black & White” coming out soon. As well as her first album with them and on music streaming platforms called “Letter To My Ex.” 

            Because of some of her story it has brought her some amazing accomplishments. She has been honored to open for Carl Mann, Linda Davis, Steel Magnolias, Thompson Square, Coco Jones, Mary Sarah from the Voice, Lady Antebellum and many more! She has also sang on some of these famous Nashville stages such as The Texas Troubadour Theatre,Tin Roof, The Bluebird Café, Douglas Corner, Belcourt Taps, The George Jones, Hard Rock Café, BB Kings, Alley Taps, Soulshine Pizza, Opry Mills Mall, Commordore Grille, Live Oak, NashHouse, Moxy, Dawghouse Salon, The Local, The Stillery, Just Love Coffee, Frisky Frogs, The Whisky Room, Pucketts Leipers Fork, Pucketts in Franklin, The Whisky Shot, The Sutler, Whisky Bent, & 404 Bar & Grille. You can keep up with upcoming shows in her Events tab! She has also been nominated for the 2020 Josie Awards and won awards from NACMAI for Entertainer of the year. As well as TCGMA & GCGMA Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. Tera Has also worked with some of Nashville’s top writers in her years of music. She has also recorded in some of Nashville’s best recording studios. She is a member of ASCAP and the NSAI. She has also had 200,000 streams on her music. She is always working on new music so make sure to follow her on her socials to find out when her next release is!