My Post COVID Bucket List!

Hey Terafiers! Are you sick and tired of Covid-19!? Me too! I know I am so excited for this quarantine to end! I don’t know about you but I even have a bucket list of things I wanna do once this pandemic ends!

I know I started this quarantine when I was 22 and I will be 24 in September. Since I have spent about a year and a few months in the pandemic I know I have missed out on some things as well as you I’m sure y’all have too; so here are a few things I’m wanna do once everything re-opens up.

GO TO DISNEY WORLD! I have always wanted to go to Disney World but have never had a chance to go. Growing up I always watched Disney and was a huge Disney fan. From owning all the Hannah Montana collection to all the Princess gowns and tiaras you could definitely say that I dreamed of going to Disney World. Now that I’m 23 and have spent such a long time in this pandemic, once Disney is open and having the parades and fireworks again I definitely need to go.

VISIT HOLLYWOOD! As a person in the entertainment business going to Hollywood would be extremely cool! I grew up in tons of theatre lays and shows and so naturally I love acting and going to Hollywood would be a really cool experience. As well as I’ve always wanted to go to LA just for the experience of seeing what out west is like. Considering I’ve never been out of the south it may be a major culture shock to me. As well as considering a lot of big stars live of there who knows I may even run into someone as big as Ariana Grande!

PARIS, FRANCE! Oh the city of love! What’s not to love about this gorgeous city!? You have the beautiful architecture and the Eiffel Tower! Paris has always been a place I’ve wanted to visit just because I’ve seen so many movies based here and it just always looks so pretty in the movies and I can’t even imagine how pretty in real life it would be!

SANDALS! Sandals resort is based in the Bahamas and it just looks so peaceful. I am sure almost everyone has seen a sandals commercial on tv at some point. From the crystal clear waters to the beautiful resort it looks like an ideal place to visit especially if you’re looking for a place to relax!

NYC! The big apple itself. From seeing NYC NYE party on tv to listening to Broadway classics to watching videos of New York fashion week this is a place where I feel like I’d fit in. I would love to go to NYC to visit all the amazing places such as the huge Macy’s, and tour Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, & even see a rocketts show. NYC has much to offer and is such a cool place that it would be so cool to visit!

I can’t wait till this pandemic is over and everything returns to almost normal. I definitely don’t wanna travel to these places while still having to wear a mask but when we no longer have mask mandates and get this country vaccinated I’m hoping to visit these places!

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