Why Fall is my favorite

Fall. There are so many things I think about when I hear the word Fall. I think about all the colors of the trees and the leaves; how pretty they are to look at, from red, to orange to yellow. I remember as a kid piling the fallen leaves in a pile just to jump in them to strow them around again.

Fall is such a great season. The weather is amazing “it’s not too hot and it’s not to cold all you need is a light jacket” As Cheryl Frasier would say. Think about all the fun fall activities you can do. I mean pumpkin carving! Who doesn’t love carving a spooky design on a pumpkin!? As well as cuddling up in a warm blanket, drinking hot chocolate as you stream the new seasons of “Riverdale” and “Insatiable“. Fall Is the perfect time to get cuffed too so you can have that perfect cuddle buddy!

IT’S SWEATER SEASON! I love fall fashion because you finally arent dying of heat stroke in pants and a sweater. Also, I love me a good sweater! Who doesn’!? Put a cute knit sweater on with some bell bottom jeans a cute belt a hat this year and we are in business!

Another reason to fall In love with fall is its FOOTBALL TIME! Whether it be some college football or NFL I know we are all glad our favorite team is back on the big screen! Currently my team isn’t doing so hot but hey it’s still early in and we’re still gonna route for out favorite right!?

Another thing is that we no longer have to have that bikini body... and we know what’s next... THANKSGIVING! Give me that turkey and dressing! I know we all love some thanksgiving dinner even though we know it means that you probably have to see your least favorite cousin.

Lastly my personal favorite thing about Fall is Halloween! I love the creepy vibes of all things Halloween! I already picked out my Halloween costume which is one thing I love doing, is putting on a costume and being something that I’m not. I also love going to haunted houses and hayrides. I went to the Nashville haunted woods last year and was so fun. They sadly didn’t get any screams or jumps out of me but they got everyone else. Its still early in the season but I’m excited to see what Halloween plans are still to come as well as other fun fall activities!

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